Will be featuring a few of of my (poetry) pieces now and again. And I’ll call this “Canto Corner”. Canto means verse. So enjoy. First one is,called – My Laces

Don’t undo my shoe laces

They keep me whole in life’s races

My sneakers may lose shape, maybe break

Yet I remain strong nomatter what may come

Come what may, all hands on deck

This race is a priceless piece of steak

My shoe laces keep it tight as I do them up more to proceed

What happened on this track before is in the past and can’t be re-did

It can be learnt from nonetheless can’t be the norm

But I can beat the storm

If I persevere I can get there and front my own

My laces fate is laid on the tips of my fingers

As my aching back bends to reach for ’em I get shivers

Tired and worn out, all thats left of my shoe is a piece of the sole and body

Rub my weary eyes to clear the vision thats sore and foggy

The filthy repulsive state of my sneakers does not shake me

As long as my laces are undamaged then the entire shoe is still dainty

Leave my laces on or in or there or just

For as long as I remain, all I will shake off is the dust


Irregular mumblings of the world through my eyes. Hope you when you read some of the gobbledygook you will intend on staying to hear my nonsense. I am, after all, writing for it to be read. Please stay…